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A Girl Looking at a Physics Model

STEMulate Learning has a Theory of Action that guides our work and is at the core of our success in working with teachers,

students, parents, and administrators in urban communities.  Our Theory of Action is based on the acronym:

M.A.S.T.E.R.: Making Academics Social, Transformative, Engaging and Relevant.

We believe if these elements exist in schools in general, and math and science classes specifically, then student learning and achievement will rise far beyond the abysmal proficiency rates we currently see nationwide.

To this end STEMulate Learning provides online virtual learning in Math and Science utilizing ZOOM, Google Meet, WebEx as well as other platforms if needed. We also provide Hybrid instruction and in-person services to School Districts, Charter Schools and Nonprofits.

STEMulate Learning is YOUR "One Stop Shop for all of your Teacher and Student Instructional Services"

MASTERTeacher Training

Professional development for math and science teachers who want to engage students in urban communities while providing rigorous, student-centered, standards-based instruction. Our training is fun, interactive and focuses on effective pedagogy and data-driven instruction to provide an optimal learning experience for students.


The best time to support students in learning Algebra is BEFORE they take the Algebra class. Algebra Readiness is a summer introduction to Algebra that gives students a head start before taking Algebra during the school year, reducing anxiety and increasing confidence. STEMulate provides programs for elementary and middle school scholars and can customize math and science programs that STEMulate their minds and aligns with state standards.

MASTERStudent Training

The MASTERStudent Program (MSP) trains 

students on how to think, behave and become

"A" students. The program is based on 10 years

of student feedback about their best practices

that propelled them to get accepted to top colleges and universities. The MSP develops mindsets, organizational skills and work habits that make learning deeper and more personal for students. Our underserved and underrepresented students

need additional scaffolds, support and tools to 

increase self-esteem and skills that will allow 

them to compete with the best and brightest 

students throughout the United States.


This motivational speech series addresses the underlying factors that inhibit the learning and use of mathematics. It provides entry points for parents, students, and teachers to change their mindsets and transform their relationship with math from fear to fun!

MASTERParent Training

Every parent wants the best for their child, however, most parents feel inadequate or uninformed about HOW to fully support their students. This program gives them practical and effective ways to feel connected and impactful in their students learning.


Many students need differentiation or scaffolding beyond what's provided in the class. These sessions allow students to deepen their understanding of key math concepts via projects, Arts, and interactions with content.

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