Lybroan James

Lybroan James was born and raised in San Diego, California.  He moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics/Economics, and later a Masters of Education from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Mr. James began his teaching career in 1994 as a math teacher at Price High School in South Central Los Angeles.  Over the next 15 years, he would teach at three additional independent schools: The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, New Roads High School in Santa Monica, and Milken Community High School in Beverly Hills.


Mr. James’ love of learning and passion for mathematics led him to create a tutorial company to provide math assistance to inner city students.  Having attended public- schools himself and having taught in private schools for fifteen years, Mr. James witnessed a stark contrast in the way students were taught, the expectations held of them and the amount of support they were given (both intellectually and emotionally).  The inequities in educational opportunities ignited in him, a vision to create a charter school; one with a private school

environment and college preparatory academic program for boys of color in Los Angeles.  While in Cambridge, he studied several successful charter school models and studied under top charter school developers.  His professor pushed him to consider how to make the biggest impact on students of color learning mathematics. That led Mr. James to the idea of training teachers. By training teachers, he could multiply his knowledge, experience, and methodologies and achieve his ultimate goal: teaching math to a million students per month.


Mr. James then joined New Teacher Center, one of the top teacher training companies in the country, where he worked as an instructional designer and professional development instructor (training teachers to improve their instruction, and accelerate their effective in the classroom).  Mr. James' developed an expertise in developing curricula that addressed common core state standards (with an emphasis on STEM) and issues of equity, cultural competence, student engagement, institutionalized racism and privilege.  These professional learnings delivered nationwide created a foundation of success, and a national perspective on the challenges schools face in providing quality instruction to prepare students for 21st Century job opportunities.


Mr. James has developed learning systems to make mathematics relevant to the lives and cultures of students of color by infusing music, humor and storytelling to communicate abstract concepts and problem-solving skills.  He also conducts seminars, training teachers how to make their lessons more engaging, rigorous and student-centered.  Developing a growth mindset in students as well as teachers is at the core of Mr. James’ educational philosophy.  His goal is simple: meet students and communities where they are, then guide and direct them towards success utilizing the power of mathematics. 

Denise Peoples

Denise Peoples was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She attended California State University, Fullerton where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in Marketing and Public Relations. She also received a scholarship to UCLA’s Anderson School of Business where she obtained her certification in the Management Development of Entrepreneurs’ Program. Ms. Peoples began her business career in 1989 as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of a high-growth company where she advanced to Director of Human Resources after just two years with the company.   


Ms. Peoples is often recognized for her passion and strong organization leadership skills.  She developed processes and systems that streamlined infrastructures, reduced bottlenecks resulting in increased profitability for the company and client partners. After leaving her position as an HR Director, she joined a national staffing firm where she was promoted from entry-level recruiter to the Western Regional Manager within six years.  She was referred to as the


“fix it” leader known for engaging and igniting leadership to conduct thorough discovery to better understand the customer’s pain.  She fixes underperforming offices within a very short period of time, turning them into profitable business units by teaching, training and driving business leaders to higher rates of success.


After years of success in the corporate arena, Ms. Peoples decided to open her own staffing firm in 2003 where she did $1 million in sales her first year in business.  She grew to five million in total sales in less than five years.  In 2008 when the economy crashed, revenues dropped to 1.6 million, but with perseverance she grew revenues to $19 million in less than four years, earning the prestigious award of Supplier of the Year from the National Minority Business Development Council.


After years of success in the staffing industry, Ms. Peoples decided to pursue more purposeful and passionate work launching STEMulate Learning to teach and empower students of color in math, creating successful entry points into STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Math) related fields. In addition, Ms. Peoples is parlaying her wealth of knowledge in operational leadership to support and enhance the administrative and operational leadership staff within the schools.  STEMulate Learning uses a triadic approach to train teachers, empower parents and engage students in non-conventional, fun and culturally relevant ways.  Most importantly, her goal is to position, promote and advocate for people of color in underserved communities where resources, educational opportunities, support and income are limited.

Amare El Jamii.JPG

Hometown: Waterbury, Conn

Associate Degree: Mathematics & Computer Information Systems - Graphic Design

Bachelor Degree: Statistics & Applied Mathematics


After working for a number of years in multiple industries, Amare El Jamii enrolled in community college with the intent on pursuing a more fulfilling career. He obtained his associate degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Information Systems and his bachelor degrees in Statistics and Applied Mathematics from Norco College and UCLA respectfully. Since graduation in 2013 he has worked in education, specifically with students from underrepresented  communities. His work experience includes Non-profit organizations, Norco Community College, CSULB and UCLA. He is currently a partner in an educational consulting company named Cultivating Hope and also holds a position at Bridges Academic Center of Excellence as a Program Director where he oversees a number of college-bound based programs for local students in the Carson, Long Beach, South LA, Compton and the Watts communities.




Barak has over 20 years of experience in public and private education. He has served as a tutor, teacher, vice principal and principal for grades 6 through 12 with a 100% four-year college acceptance rate for his graduating classes of black and brown students.  Barak consults in education with school districts throughout California in Oakland, Compton, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Riverside to improve educational outcomes for students of color. Numerous organizations have invited him to speak including the internationally acclaimed House of Blues Foundation.  Barak was awarded a commendation by the Mayor of Inglewood for his service to the city’s youth and also recognized with proclamations by California Senator Don Perata and former Mayor Jerry Brown for his educational leadership in his hometown East Oakland.  Barak co-founded Unearth and Empower Communities, a 501 c3 non profit organization dedicated to mentoring and teaching literacy, entrepreneurship and arts education to K-12 students in Compton.  He is the visionary behind Cultivating Hope, an educational consulting company that coaches educators to build the whole village through Math Proficiency, Equity, Diversity & Race and Social Emotional Learning. Barak earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from Dartmouth College and his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from San Jose State University, where he graduated with highest honors.  Barak is currently working on his Doctorate in Ministry to provide affordable resources to communities interested in building the whole person through education. Barak is married and is the father of two sons.



Carol Duden.jpg

Carol has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and is K-12 Math, 

K-8 Science certified. She as four years middle school and high school teaching experience, and over 30 years process engineering, quality engineering expertise in  Project Management/Team Leadership. Carol’s passion has always been to teach, and whether she’s working, supporting her family or involved in community service, her mantra has been “to help students see math and explain the basics involved and that will build the foundation for them to succeed!!!



justin bond _ headshot.png

My passion for physics and math has allowed me to complete a B.S. in Physics at UC Santa Cruz and a M.S. in Physics at UC San Diego. My educational background therefore was highly math intensive and has given me wide knowledge and experience with advanced math subjects including Statistics, Calculus, Algebra, Complex Analysis, and many others.

During my four years at UC San Diego, I served as a teaching assistant, running the physics lab and giving lectures. That experience developed my ability to communicate complicated subject matter to students who felt uncomfortable with physics and math.

I also worked at the Cambridge Learning Center, JEI Learning Center and Sylvan Learning Center, helping K-12 students with all subjects. In these positions I helped students understand and conceptualize SAT/ACT/ISEE math, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and all other standard math curricula including the Integrated Math 1, 2, and 3. 



My journey towards seeking educational fairness for underrepresented people started when I was a student at Alain Leroy Locke High School, one of the lowest performing schools in the country in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the state. I got accepted to every college and university I applied to and it was during that decision-making period that I made the realization that would not only affect my next steps but my career path as well.  I decided to become a teacher and return to Locke to serve my brothers and sisters. I also decided I would attend UC Santa Barbara because of the excellent reputation of their educational program. 

After graduation, I kept my word and returned to Locke High School to teach mathematics. To improve my practice and increase my impact, I attended job fairs which led to becoming a master teacher for the UCLA Graduate School of Education. This had a snowball effect across other departments, and by 2007, nearly 60% of Locke’s staff was not only fully credentialed, but had reached senior status within the teacher’s union.

I was eventually offered an assistant principal position at Locke under Green Dot, followed by a move to Dean of Culture at Esperanza High School.  Through these various experiences I’ve come to realize that the key to improving education for underrepresented students lies in the preparation and retention of the staff that’s there to serve them. This is why I joined the STEMulate Learning team. I fully believe the organization is providing a service to teachers and students needs it most, and I also believe I have much to contribute to help achieve the organization's goals.




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